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    Shenyang Create Precision Machinery Co., ltd.
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    About Us

    The company focuses in researching and developing independent, producing and marketing for mechanical products. 
    The company has branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Jinan. The Business covers whole country.

    The business has maintained rapid growth, and has now become one of China's most professional agencies of transmission parts and equipments. Especially, it becomes SKF officially authorized dealer last year.
    The main products are: SKF linear guide, ABBA linear guide, ABBA ball screw, CPC linear guide, APEX reducer
    ,KHK rack and pinion, WMH rack and pinion, EPSON robot, Mitsubishi motor and reducer. And some other imports of machinery products.

    Online Chat

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    Products Category

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    Contact Us

    Name: CREATE Customer service
    Tel: +86/(0) 24 2251 5196
    Fax: +86/(0) 24 2251 5126
    E-mail: sales@www.territorionerd.com

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