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    Machine tool industry policy support western development foreground but period

    Author: Date:2012-10-12 15:48:27

    In the western regions of China machine tool market and the eastern different, mainly in the two or three line of business is dominant, and the coastal provinces is compared, industrial economy gross slightly lower. In order to attract more attention, the machine tool industry are also constantly looking for their own development new way.

    Policy gives aid to energetically western

    In recent years, country to western market of machine tool and material were given policy tilt.

    Sichuan is along the Yangtze River economic coordinated development of the " tail", is China's military, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, building materials and supporting a comprehensive industrial base. Sichuan, Chongqing machine tool users have auto, consumer electronics, machinery, aerospace, military and other enterprises, coupled with the Sichuan earthquake recovery and reconstruction, in addition to giving a central policy and financial support, or accept the country, whole world industrial transfer best area.

    At the same time, along with the Association for relations across the Taiwan Strait and Strait Exchange Foundation officially signed the ECFA, Taiwan exports to mainland China 's machine tool products, there are 37 tax included in the list of ECFA early harvest, mainly involved in metal processing machine, forming machine tools, machine tool fixture and parts and accessories three major categories. While Chongqing is a Taiwanese investment in mainland China in third key areas, with nearly 1000 Taiwan-funded enterprises, a total investment of more than tens of billions of dollars.

    Shaanxi in recent years the main driving force of economic development is investment, and country western the strength of big development still is in increase, countries with start inside need, increase in transport and other major infrastructure investment and other initiatives to address the financial crisis, Shaanxi this is the national railway pivot center western provinces created a lot of market opportunity. " High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment " major projects of national science and technology project implementation also advances such as Qinchuan machine, Hanchuan machine tool, Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine tool, machine tool industry rapid development of the industry.

    From " the Midwest catalogue of priority industries for foreign investment " and recently released " on the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy about the issues concerning the tax policies " can be seen, national policy support construction have been covered including Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet and other provinces ( autonomous district, municipality directly under the central government) of the whole western area, to expand the market of machine tool manufacturers to solve a lot of any menace from the "rear".

    Machine tool exhibition like a raging fire

    The Western Business Expo Xi'an, Chengdu two echo, interactive development, nearly ten years has experienced many " expansion", the twelfth exhibition exhibition area reached 100000 square meters for the first time. Li Ka exhibition scale in recent years, the level of comprehensive promotion, service, pay more attention to practical and independent innovation, and the " two year " in Chongqing, the two held in chengdu. These changes reflect the increasing demand of the booth, but also reflected the Midwest machine tool market warming.

    If the regional exhibition of the rise is in western the machine tool manufacturing industry to build international platform for the exchange of information, so the machine tool trade center, innovation is in western the machine tool industry to build large trade cooperation platform. The machine tool market exists generally " small, scattered, chaotic " situation, manufacturers severely fragmented, which is not convenient to customers looking for sales of manufacturers, it is not convenient for customers to purchase ancillary parts sales. And machine tool equipment faced with renewal, has a huge market demand.

    In this context, " Trading Center for machine tool " emerge as the times require, fill the blank. These machine tools trading center is not only the market, but a set of new machine tool equipment, idle equipment, machinery products, sales, consulting, selection, procurement, machine tool repair, logistics, remanufacturing of machine tools, machine tool operation of internship training for the integrated machine city, the typical representative of Chongqing City Hardware electrical machine, Chongqing Valley Trading Center and the northwest International Trading Center for machine tool, not only make customers have more choices, but also to purchase machine personnel on-site training, for machine tool manufacturers to provide a lot of convenience. It is understood, with various facilities and organizations to further improve these machines, trading center will also provide financial, intermediary, science and technology, talent, large-scale business activities of the production and operation services, customs, commodity inspection and other international import and export business services.