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    China's machinery industry to accelerate structural adjustment situation analysis

    Author: Date:2012-10-12 15:50:17

    The first half of 2012, China machinery and industrial production growth in the last year dropped significantly on the basis of continued to fall. " China Machinery Industry in the market Daobi mechanism, to further accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, implementation industry upgrades. " China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Cai Weici said that the 23.

    China Machinery Industry Federation was released 23 days machinery industry first half of the year economic situation. The first half of the year China machinery industry accumulative total finishs gross value of industrial output 8.7 yuan, grow 12.17% compared to the same period. Previously, in 2011 mechanical industry grew 25.06%, grew 33.93% in 2010.

    " 2012 is the international financial crisis in 2008, mechanical industry economic operation situation is most serious for a year. Since the beginning of the year, mechanical industrial production growth in the last year dropped significantly on the basis of continued to fall, and the fall of amplitude and duration are more than originally expected. " Cai Weici says.

    Since 2012, China machinery industry profit growth is lack of power, total profit at the beginning of the year registered a negative growth. In addition, fixed asset investment growth rate continued to drop, the financial cost of rapid growth, product prices down, insufficient orders ... ... Industry development faces a lot of difficulty and adverse element.

    " In this situation, mechanical adjustment of industrial structure is very urgent, more and more enterprises have had a personal awareness and take positive action, we can say that the market mechanism to push the pace of industrial structural adjustment. " Cai Weici says.

    Despite the grim economic situation first half of the year, China machinery industry enterprises to increase the international market development, the recent export momentum is good. 1-5 month machinery industry accumulative total exports 141500000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 15.78%, higher than the national foreign trade export growth rate 7.08 percentage points.

    " Export to China machinery industry related products upgrade. In this situation, enterprises pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, research and development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, improve the mechanical industry level. " Cai Weici said, a lot of enterprises and increase the intensity of technical transformation, increase a product to upgrade replacement, to achieve the efficiency and the production and marketing of high growth.

    In the machinery industry of China, private enterprises, small and medium enterprises exhibit a stronger vitality. The first half of the year battalion machinery enterprises achieved a total output value of 4.79 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.47%, higher than the industry of 5.3 percentage points, the proportion reached 55%; small business gross value of industrial output grew 19.63%, far higher than the corresponding large and medium-size enterprises growth rate, " this also shows Chinese machinery industry market's ability to respond to escalate ".

    In addition, the vast territory of china. At the national industrial policy guidance, investment in machinery industry gradually transferred to center-west region. The first half of the year, western area mechanical gross value of industrial output grew 19.18% year-on-year and 11.47%, higher than that of the eastern 9.05 and 1.34 percentage points.

    " In the first half of the year the development of machinery industry, Chinese macroscopical adjusting control and market mechanism on the machine for adjustment of the industrial structure effect is obvious. " Cai Weici said, in the face of the severe economic environment, China machinery industry still should increase structural adjustment strength, to upgrade for the industry to make long-term efforts. He also expected in 2012, China machinery industry sales year-on-year increase of around 14%, the profit increase of around 5%, exports grew 15%.