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    China's machine tool industry in the first half sales analysis

    Author: Date:2012-10-12 15:36:33

    The first half of the year industry of our country machine tool sales although rise somewhat, but because of market demand changes, the increase of production cost as well as the impact of the international market, the first half of the machine tool industry orders glides badly, the overall profit also drops somewhat compared to the same period. Machine tool company sales compared to previous years, the produce and sale two flourishing is different.

    Downturn in the shipping industry makes industry downturn one disaster after another order. The first two months of this year, from the ship, container terminal industry orders sharply, " shipbuilding is related to the standard lot, a type of standard parts requires a special machine tool to machining, ship order slides, related machine production enterprise order follow glides badly. "

    It is understood that, in the face of downstream demand is depressed, from the beginning of the year to date, machine tool sales enterprises generally adopt substantially let sales strategy, in order to maintain wait-and-see in downstream customers. Anhui above a CNC machine tool manufacturers vise general manager says, recently, East China machine tool dealers began to take some " breakeven take " sales strategy, " a common machine tool is the ex-factory price of 100000 yuan, the second half of last year to increase 10000 ~2 million sales, now in order to maintain the customer, sales company 100000 yuan is willing to sell. "

    Yamazaki Mazak machine tools ( Shanghai ) Co., a company sales manager said, January ~2 month, sales did not appear apparent holiday effect, many customers wait-and-see attitude.

    Although the machine tool industry overall demand is slowing down, but the NC machine tool enterprise performance obvious strong in the common machine tool enterprise. The National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2011, faster than the general machine tools CNC machine tools the growth rate was 5 percentage points. It is understood that, this is due to the common machine tool is often according to plan production, product inventory was generally high, CNC machine tools and carry out customized production, wool interest rate is relatively high, and the change of market demand response is more timely.

    For machine tool industry in the rapid growth of " a touch on the brakes", the analysis thinks, Shenyang machine tool as a representative of the enterprise from the general machine tools to the NC machine tools, high-grade machine tool production transformation, a large number of low-end products in the industry demand reduction in the obvious, industry growth, industry structure adjustment is the only way which must be passed.

    In 2012 China's machine tool industry output growth will drop to about 15%, industry overall admiral was the "first after the high-low" situation.