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    ABBA guide how to distinguish between true and false

    Author: Date:2012-10-12 15:34:12

    ABBA guide is some imitations, Jiangsu, Zhejiang have, which was ABBA brand itself lower prices low quality line also has a relationship, such as the packaging is extremely rough and simple, and provides convenience for counterfeit. The current ABBA was acquired by SKF quality in ascension ( however and the price is higher, ha ha ), counterfeit will more easily discernible.

    Here are a few simple method of identification, not absolute, for reference only:

    1--- slide

    Early ( at least 09 years previously ) slide on the visible surface curve grinding trace, the bottom surface on both sides of the grinding, while the intermediate depression was black with no grinding.

    2--- slider

    The upper surface of the slider is not early grinding part is black, the late product was shot peening shaped metal color. A type slide on surface grinding with laser etched the words ABBA and the guide rail cross section pattern identification, type B slider trademarks in the side. Imitation words or patterns of lines is relatively thick, slightly fuzzy. In addition, the block only one side is the datum ( grinding ), and imitation but most are on both sides of grinding.

    3--- sliding handle

    The sliding resistance feel relatively uniform, with a hysteresis, imitation sliding feeling more brittle, have poor lubrication of sliding friction and rolling friction feeling.

    4--- packaging

    Packaging: the packaging is cartons or boxes, outer surface have capitalized on the " ABBA " logo, but this is usually because the ABBA agents, more severe, and changing, some agents for packaging materials shortage by other packaging is also relatively common.

    Packaging: complete guide rail is made of a transparent plastic bag, with the ABBA logo, with blue clings, blue tape surface also has ABBA marking.

    The slider packaging: dark red cardboard packaging, semi transparent vacuum plastic packaging. Note that, 09 years ago the factory ( Taiwan ) may have no packaging, packaging for the simple package. Imitation packaging generally without any mark, only a very thin plastic bag packaging.