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    SKF shows effective solutions for the marine sector at Marintec 2013

    来源:SKF 发布时间:2013-12-9 9:53:17
    Gothenburg 2 December, 2013: SKF will demonstrate an enhanced product portfolio at Marintec in Shanghai 3-6 December. For the first time since SKF acquired Blohm + Voss Industries (BVI) earlier this year, the company will present its complete offering for the marine industry.

    “With the acquisition of BVI, our product and services portfolio for the marine industry has increased significantly. The Blohm+Voss Industries products complement marine product and service range in a very valuable way, in line with our marine industry strategy. The joint portfolio and the development expertise of both companies will allow us to specifically tailor a broad and integrated product range to the customers,” says Thomas Fröst, Director, SKF Focused Industries

    In addition to the already established products and services from both parties, there will also be new product launches, which for this exhibition will be much centered on the new generation of SIMPLEX-COMPACT lipring seals (SC3).

    SKF Blohm + Voss Industries is one of the leading producers and service providers of quality equipment for critical applications within the marine sector. This includes, among others, shaft components (seals and bearings), stabilizing systems, steering gear and bilge water separators. SKF supplies the marine market with rolling bearings, couplings and lubrication systems as well as a number of services.
     “Blohm + Voss Industries has over the years developed a worldwide network of specialized marine sales agents, with excellent access to the market. This network provides also SKF with a great opportunity to effectively promote our products to shipyards and shipping companies throughout the world. In return, SKF reinforces the presence and opportunity at many propulsion system manufacturers, like those that produce complete drive units such as pods for the market,” says David Johansson, Head of Marine Business Development, SKF.

    In addition to the sales network, SKF Blohm + Voss Industries also has a large network of service stations that look after the maintenance and repair works of installed components.
    In combination with the SKF marine offices around the world and together with the 6,000 authorized distributors, the total portfolio of SKF marine products and services are now coming even closer to our customers.